About Tyler Young

Tyler Young, of the Kansas City-based marketing consultancy Conversion InsightsHi there!

I’m Tyler Young. I’m the principal consultant for Conversion Insights.

I have one goal:

To improve your situation.

Maybe you want to boost your business’s profits, or your market share. Maybe it’s your reputation you’re worried about, or you just want the peace of mind that comes with having a well-oiled marketing machine that brings in business while you sleep (or, better yet, while you’re out having fun!).

I want to help you achieve those goals. In some cases, that might mean I propose a project to you—after all, this is how I make my living. In most cases, though, I want to provide you with outstanding value for free—through my (free) blog, my (free) in-person seminars in Kansas City, or my (you guessed it—free!) private email group.

When it comes to consulting, my passion is in helping small businesses with 15–100 employees that depend on Web sales. When I partner with these companies, we boost their online revenue by 15–50% (or more) in about 3 months. If that’s something that motivates you, by all means, contact me.

An invitation to you

Actually, there are 2 invitations I’d like to extend to you. First, if you’d ever like to get in touch—either to chat about a project your business is taking on, or a blog post you’d like to see me write, or anything else—feel free to shoot me an email at tyler@conversioninsights.net.

Second, I’d love for you to join me on my Revenue Booster Monthly emails. Each month, I send out strategies that SMBs can put into practice to make their businesses more profitable online.

This private list is 100% free, and (maybe more importantly), it’s 100% BS-free as well. I promise never to sell or share your email address—I hate spam as much as you do!

Join the Revenue Booster Monthly list & get a free copy of my book to boot!

Spam-free: We’ll never sell or share your contact info—your email is safe with us.

My background

I’ve been helping SMBs to get better ROI on their marketing for about 4 years now, and in late 2012, I decided to take the leap into consulting full time.

Since then, I’ve helped companies doing a million dollars per year in online sales increase that number by as much as 50%, and I’ve helped early-stage startups go from scraping by with $4,000/month to bringing in $16,000/month and flourishing.

I’ve lived in Kansas City most of my life, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to help Kansas City-area businesses. (Don’t worry—if you aren’t in Kansas City, I’d love to help you, too… we’ll just have to be very strategic about planning to sit down over coffee!)